46702 1/10 RC X-SA Racing Fighter (DT-03)

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Tamiya 46702 1/10 X-SA Racing Fighter (DT-03)

Expert Semi-Assembled Model Another new subject joins the new X-SA series, and it’s a modern classic: the Racing Fighter (original kit was Item 58628). The model is based upon the stylish, slimline DT-03 chassis.

About the Model:
- This is a 1/10 scale finished R/C model. Length: 400mm, width: 244mm, height: 134mm.
- Polycarbonate body and wing are pre-cut and pre-painted, with marking stickers applied.
- Ribbed front and square spike rear tires ensure an accomplished off-road drive.
- The DT-03 uses a tough monocoque frame. Big wheelbase (287mm) and tread (front: 221mm, rear: 208mm) measurements give it great performance on- and off-road!
- Front arms have 25-degree skid angle for great off-road driving.
- Features a sealed rear gearbox with internal gear differential unit, plus a dust cover for R/C equipment.• A wide range of option parts is available to tune and customize your DT-03 chassis car.
- Requires separately sold R/C equipment, servo, battery pack and charger.

Regler: TEU-105BK
Motor: Type 540

Benötigtes Zubehör: Fernsteuerung mit Empfänger und Lenkservo, 7.2V NiMH Akkupack, Ladegerät für Fahrakku

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