Cappuccino D-Box electro yellow orange red

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Cappuccino D-Box Electric yellow-orange-red

The Valenta Cappuccino is truly a great all rounder, which feels just as comfortable on a slope in a fresh breeze, as in the thermal or calm! Due to the low weight and the profile used with the use of flaps, it can be leisurely circulate in the thermal or chase with speed through figures. A model for all pilots who have some experience with 3-axle sailors, and who want to have another all-rounder in their range. It takes a lot of skill to fly the model!

Technical specifications:
• Chip 2,650 mm
• Wing profile HD45
• CPR profile HN274
• length 1,290 mm (glider)
• Length E version + spinner 1,328 mm
• Area 44.6 dm
• Airline sailors from 1,850 g
• Flyingweight E-Version from 2.000 - 2.500 g

Wing servo Graupner DS 3288 or Futaba 3150
Servos in the fuselage 13mm - 16mm (Glider E-Version 10 - 13mm Servos)

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