Versatz 0° Klemm-Mittelt. 33/8mm - 5

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REISENAUER Offset 0 ° clamping middle part 33 / 8mm - shaft 5mm incl. Screws

Even more perfect concern of many propeller blades on the fuselage.
Suitable for REISENAUER spinner caps.

33mm KLEMM middle part offset 0 ° fits depending on prop-bend, width,
Slope and hull shape on the caps with diameter 35 - 40 mm.

To adapt to the prop:
Please slightly enlarge the cap cutouts (usually only 1 side - approx. 4-6mm)
If a knife or a Lexa shear is used instead of the Dremel - please warm the cap beforehand (to avoid jumping).

Precise guidance of the prop rubber (size XS) with proven circumferential clamping for the shaft.

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